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Our freelancing and product marketplace helps creatives turn their skills into money.

dARTbase is vital in every contemporary artist’s toolbox.

Unique Design

Our platform is custom designed for the creative industry and artists’ diverse needs. From creation to payment, we are here to help artists with the creative process.

User Friendly

Our service has been made by and for creatives. Our features are designed to give artists more time creating and less time wasted.

Excellent Support

In beta, and always, we will be here to help ensure your success. Our knowledge hub will provide blog and video content for artists’ needs.

Join the Creative Revolution

Don’t miss out on joining the creative revolution the industry has been waiting for. Pioneer our service and help create the new industry standard.

Amazing Features

  • Portfolio

    This is your creative resume to showcase your best & most recent works, your team and link through to your merchandise, products or services.

  • Collaboration Network

    Make yourself known in your niche. Our network tools are geared towards collaboration – which we see as the essence of a business arrangement.

  • Marketplace

    Our skills and product marketplace is the starting point for freelancing your skills and selling your products, merchandise or artwork.

  • Invoicing and Payment

    Invoicing is boring to manage, so we have made it simple: know that your jobs are paid on time, ready for tax time, and in line with your agreements.

  • Agreements

    Our contract template is customizable and detailed, covering the basics, copyright, licensing, intellectual property, project milestones and payment.

  • Income

    Put your skills to work for you, find freelance work, artists to collaborate with or a unique merchant to market your products.

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Artists Profits


dartbase-portfolio-mockup Portfolio Upload your best content, link in your socials and start networking with other creatives in your niche, genre, area or skill. Your portfolio is your creative resume to market yourself, skills, artworks and merchandise.

We empower artists to connect & collaborate with creatives, clients & brands, encouraging unique creative opportunities.
dartbase-network-mockup Network Our network is geared towards collaboration, we can help you find other creatives, technical skills, spaces and more! From polls to group chats and file sharing, we make it easy to create a project with other artists, brands or clients.

When joining collaborations users outline a digital agreement securing rights even when there is no pay.
MARKETPLACE-mockup Marketplace We know creatives make an income in more than one way, therefore, our marketplace is open to all skills, products and services.

You could sell your skills as a freelancer, list existing merchandise stores or find unique merchants and co-create a novel product and start your pre-order campaign. Wherever your skills lie - market them.
Dartbase-agreement-mockup Agreements Detailed and customised agreements for creatives needs and rights. We provide you with a template and guide with the essentials covered as well as specific terms including copyright, usage rights and intellectual property.

Simply edit it to meet your needs and on through to your client for approval to begin earning.

Why Choose dARTbase

We are powered by and empower artists to turn skills into income, collaborate and market their creativity.

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Our Team

“Not an Agency”


Gemma Colbran

Founder, CEO

“Carpe Diem”


Riley Glennon

Co-Founder, COO

“Carpe Noctem”


Jess Stone

Artist in Residence

“With big dreams come big workloads, and managing it is the key to success”


Kayla May Cosgrove

Artist in Residence

“I’m unique in my thinking but the value comes in doing“

Latest News


25/2/2021 Pozible.com crowd fundraising campaign launch!

31/3/2021 Beta Prototype launch!

20/4/2021 Feedback rounds on Prototype close!

24/4/2021 Crowd Fundraise Closes.

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